What to Do When Your Prime Student Subscription Ends

If your Amazon Prime Student subscription is ending soon, here are some expert tips on what to do next. Learn how to check your student status and extend your subscription.

What to Do When Your Prime Student Subscription Ends

If you have an annual plan, you can check your student status again by going to the

Manage Your Student Membership

section in My Account. If you have a monthly plan, you can visit the


page. In the Customer Service help library search bar, type in

Prime Student

and select the option to switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student. You don't need to cancel or deactivate your account.Simply follow the link provided to transfer your account.

However, the benefits you currently have may change. For instance, if you currently have a 20% discount on appliances, you may be offered a cheaper video streaming service or other discount instead. The Prime Student discount on Amazon Prime ends after four years or when you finish your studies, whichever comes first.If, for any reason, you receive an email from Amazon stating that your annual or monthly Prime Student subscription will soon end but you are still enrolled in college, you can check your ongoing status to extend the service. Student entrepreneurs can use this referral program to cover the costs of their discounted Prime membership when the free trial ends.

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