The Best Scholarship Apps: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding the perfect scholarship can be difficult but there are apps that can help! In this article we review 10 of the best scholarship applications available right now from Scholly Search to ScholarshipOwl.

The Best Scholarship Apps: A Comprehensive Guide

Scholarships are a great way to make college more affordable and reduce student debt. But finding the right scholarships can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help you find the best scholarships for your unique talents and interests. In this article, we'll review 10 of the best scholarship applications available right now, from Scholly Search and College Hunch to RaiseMe and ScholarshipOwl.

We'll also discuss the features of each app and how they can help you find the perfect scholarship.One of the best scholarship applications is PLEXUSS College Admission Help. This app provides users with access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities, as well as information on financial aid and universities that best suit their needs. It also has a “Connections” feature that allows users to establish connections with other like-minded users for greater versatility and network options. Scholly Search is another great application-based tool for locating scholarships.

Through a mobile or desktop connection, users of this application have access to a large number of scholarships, along with an exclusive matchmaking system that combines the most appropriate scholarships for the user based on their personal preferences. The app also has a “scholarship tracking” feature that allows for organized, all-in-one tracking and status tracking.Raptor's college scholarship calculation application is available exclusively to Apple device users. With this app, you can find universities by proximity and other options, create a resulting list of potential schools of interest, assess the likelihood of being accepted to each of those schools, and find the various financial offers associated with attending each of those schools. The parallel comparisons of costs and statistics offered by this application are especially useful when it comes to reducing those long lists of potential schools to attend.Fastweb College Scholarships is an excellent application for quick access to a large number of scholarships and their associated specifications.

It also provides access to school directory information, personalized search modes and even valuable career guidance. It's available on both Apple and Android devices.College Hunch is another great scholarship application that provides school guidance and all the scholarship information you may need with just a tap away. It features include browsing schools, including thousands of colleges and universities, a large scholarship database, scholarship deadlines and tracking important dates, and even a detailed demographic summary. It also offers instant spreadsheet functions in which the user can compile and analyze select data from schools and scholarships in a personalized way.Fastweb adds awards from large and small directories.

After creating an account, you can filter the awards by your interests, field of study, club affiliations, or specific situations, such as if your parents are divorced. Fastweb will also notify you when a new grant is published that matches your description and when it has upcoming deadlines.The College Board can help you once you've been accepted to a university; its scholarship search helps you find awards that help you pay for college. After creating an account, you can filter the awards by your interests, field of study, club affiliations, or specific situations. The College Board will also automatically assign you eligible scholarships based on your profile information.Going Merry allows students to enter information once and apply for several scholarships at the same time.

The site is also proud to include local awards, which are less competitive and may be easier to win than large national scholarships.Finally, ScholarshipOwl is another great resource for finding scholarships that fit your talents and interests so you can get a head start on funding your education. The best scholarship search engines will list a wide range of scholarships, including specialized awards, sweepstakes, and major national prizes. Most sites also allow you to create a profile where you can save scholarship applications for later or receive notifications when a scholarship that matches your skills is published.Scholarships are the closest thing to free money; they don't need to be paid back so they can help pay for school without taking on so much student debt. With these 10 apps at your disposal, finding the perfect scholarship has never been easier!.

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