What Are the Differences Between Amazon Prime Student and Regular Prime?

Are you a student looking for an affordable way to get all the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership? Learn about the differences between an Amazon Prime Student account and regular prime.

What Are the Differences Between Amazon Prime Student and Regular Prime?

Are you a student looking for a way to save money on textbooks, entertainment, and other essentials? Amazon Prime Student is a great option for college students who want to take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Prime without paying full price. But what's the difference between Amazon Prime Student and regular Prime?The most significant difference between a

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account and a traditional Prime account is its unlimited music streaming. Prime Student accounts can add unlimited streaming music through Amazon Music Unlimited for a small fee. Regular Prime members have access to 2 million songs without ads.

Whether you're looking for textbooks, bedroom supplies, clothes, or furniture, you can find them on Amazon. Plus, during the trial period, it includes free two-day shipping. Knowing that you get the items you need without a major time commitment or long delays will expedite your transition to university life.The Prime Student discount on Amazon Prime ends after four years or when you finish your studies, whichever comes first. After the six-month trial period of Prime Student, your subscription automatically changes to a fully paid Prime subscription, but with a 50% discount.

You'll receive this discount for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first.Both Amazon Student and Amazon Prime are good services if you plan to use Amazon for more than just an occasional online purchase. Both Prime services have many of the same benefits as Prime, but there are some obvious differences that I wanted to break down. Once verified, Amazon will contact you within 3 to 5 business days with the link to officially sign up for Prime Student.While some of the offers could also be good savings opportunities for Amazon Prime members who need to buy a new computer or refill their supply of paper towels, Prime members may not redeem most of these discounts due to different shopping needs. Student entrepreneurs can use this referral program to cover the costs of their discounted Prime membership when the free trial ends.There are some compensations in exchange for a six-month trial period, as students don't have access to all the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Student requires that you are currently a student at any of the country's universities in order to qualify.With Amazon Student before the changes, I had a single membership account compared to Amazon Prime, which has a shared membership. A big advantage for Amazon Prime students is buying new or used textbooks on Amazon and saving up to 80 percent. It allows students to save money on entertainment and also allows them to cancel their Netflix subscription, saving a lot of time. Don't forget to cancel your six-month free trial if you don't plan to use the Amazon Prime Student membership in the long term.This is not the case with the Amazon Students account, but it also offers a wide range of limited benefits for students.

Here are some of the main Prime benefits that Amazon Student members don't receive until they activate paid membership: free two-day shipping; access to exclusive textbook deals; student-only discounts on technology, snacks and bedroom items; and access to family plans.So, if it takes eight years to earn your degree, you can only take advantage of the Prime Student discount for four of them. This is another benefit that only a few college students will use, as most students wait until after college to start a family.In conclusion, if you're looking for an affordable way to get all the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership while in school, then an Amazon Prime Student account is definitely worth considering. With its discounted rates and exclusive offers, it's an excellent way for students to save money while still enjoying all the perks that come with being an Amazon customer.

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