The 10 Essential Elements of a Resume

Creating an effective resume requires including certain elements such as personal information, references, work history, grading summary and more. Learn more about the 10 essential elements of a resume with this expert SEO guide.

The 10 Essential Elements of a Resume

When it comes to creating a successful resume, there are certain elements that must be included. These elements include personal information, a summary of your job search goal, references, work history, and a grading summary. Additionally, you should include contact with specific employers, relevant projects, and programming projects. Here is a breakdown of the 10 essential elements of a resume.

Personal Information

- This includes your name and current and permanent address (which can be omitted from a curriculum published on the web).

Summary of Job Search Goal

- In a short sentence, summarize your goal for the job search.


- List 3 to 5 people who can vouch for your professional experience.

Work History

- Maintain your work history for the past 10 to 15 years if you have a substantial amount of industry-related experience.

If you recently graduated, it may include the part-time job you had in college, but you'll also want to include any internships, volunteer work, coursework, or projects you've had that are relevant to the job.

Grading Summary

- Instead of a goal, you can use a grading summary to highlight your most notable attributes. This usually includes their years of experience, proficiency in technology, languages, and major achievements. It can also contain a keyword section.

Contact with Specific Employers

- This category usually reflects your contact with specific employers. Include cooperatives, internships, part-time jobs, jobs, volunteer work, summer jobs, special projects, or military experience in this category.

Relevant Projects

- Have you worked on any relevant projects at your university or in your spare time? Your relevant projects add additional weight to your resume.

Programming Projects

- Adding programming projects will increase the technical strength of your resume and help you capture the recruiter's full attention.

Spreadsheet Formulas

- The ultimate strength of spreadsheets is their flexibility.

The average Excel user usually uses about 5% of its full functionality. Spreadsheet formulas address all aspects of mathematics and contain many tools for analyzing and processing data.

Database Table in Excel

- If you create a database table in Excel, it is not possible for 100 users to make changes to it in real time simultaneously.

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