The Difference Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Having both a resume and a LinkedIn profile is essential for job searching. Learn about the differences between them and why they matter.

The Difference Between Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to job searching, having both a resume and a LinkedIn profile is essential. While they both show the same person, there are some key differences between them. A traditional resume is usually sent when you're actively looking for a job, while a LinkedIn profile is used to create a professional network. It's important to make sure that the data from your resume and LinkedIn profile are consistent, but they should not be exactly the same.

Having a personalized resume that is similar to but not the same as your LinkedIn profile shows that you are interested in the position at the company. It's also important to update your resume and LinkedIn profile regularly, especially if you're starting a job search. Your resume should be updated every six or 12 months, and your LinkedIn profile should reflect what your resume says. When reviewing your resume, hiring managers may open your LinkedIn profile to see if both of you are clones.

Most professional executive resume writers can help you distinguish the differences between each other and why the differences matter. Having a resume suggests a job search, while having a


profile doesn't. You can choose to present a traditional resume and a LinkedIn resume differently, but the chronology and main facts must remain the same between the two. Your single LinkedIn profile has the potential to reach a wider audience than your resume.

However, it's possible to get carried away and make your LinkedIn resume too long to be effective, so try not to be too wordy. And if nothing else, copying and pasting your resume to your LinkedIn profile (or vice versa) could make it look like you're just following the instructions instead of being too interested in that specific position.While your resume and LinkedIn profile are important job search tools, they serve slightly different purposes and are read by slightly different audiences under different conditions. It's important to mention that they should be similar but not exactly the same.

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