Does Employers Value LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is becoming an essential tool for job search, professional development and honing new skills. Learn how employers value it and how it can help your career.

Does Employers Value LinkedIn Learning?

In today's digital world, employers are increasingly recognizing the value of

LinkedIn Learning

as a practical learning platform. It is becoming an essential tool for job search, professional development and honing new skills. With 26% of its teachers having done minor research on the courses, the platform has no real drawbacks. It may help to strengthen the curriculum a bit, but it won't make much of a difference in terms of technical skill.

If employers see it on a resume, it won't give it much more weight than to say that the candidate is interested in learning. LinkedIn Learning is constantly adding new content and teachers to its platform, and even provides recommendations on skills that might interest you. When researching this platform, some reviewers mentioned wanting “more of the user interface”. If you're looking to improve your skills on a regular basis, preparing for a certification exam or starting a new career, LinkedIn Learning has the content to make it happen.

However, its certificates don't allow students to transfer credits to any external educational institution. The subscription-based service is ideal for mass consumption of videos, and courses and learning paths form the backbone of LinkedIn Learning. It's important to have a pleasant and comfortable experience here in order to make the most of the platform. One of its unique features is that you can integrate digital resources into your curriculum.

LinkedIn Learning also serves a wide variety of students, with its own teachers usually answering questions and other students providing feedback. Project managers, business analysts, accountants and human resources professionals can use LinkedIn Learning courses to purchase continuing education units (CEUs). Leadership Foundations is an example of a course that would prepare candidates for a leadership position. When you complete an individual course or learning path, you will unlock a certificate of completion that appears on your LinkedIn profile.

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