Can I Get a Job with a LinkedIn Learning Certificate?

Adding a LinkedIn Learning certificate to your resume can be a great way to get hired and stand out from the competition. Learn more about how it works here.

Can I Get a Job with a LinkedIn Learning Certificate?

Are you looking to get hired and stand out from the competition? Adding a

LinkedIn Learning

certificate to your resume can be a great way to do just that. Studies have shown that applicants with LinkedIn Learning certificates are 9% more likely to be hired than those without. You can add your LinkedIn certification in the education or skills section of your resume, and if your resume looks professional and your words about your case and cover letter are correct, you can definitely use these certifications to progress professionally and land your dream job.When applying for a job, stating that you have specific skills acquired through LinkedIn Learning courses can help you start the interview process. However, during the interview, you'll need to be able to show that you actually have the skills you claim to have.

LinkedIn Learning pricing is based entirely on subscriptions, unlike other MOOC platforms such as edX or Coursera. The ultimate goal of LinkedIn Learning is to help users improve their skills, develop new capabilities and achieve their professional goals.LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of courses, from basic business concepts and marketing fundamentals to advanced level skills such as Google AdWords and project management. Interpersonal skills courses are especially beneficial when included in your CV. For example, the “Become a Project Manager” learning path lasts almost 27 hours and consists of 17 courses.

Highlighting the LinkedIn Learning soft skills courses you've completed will demonstrate to recruiters that you've taken active steps to hone your social skills.LinkedIn Learning also offers a “notebook” function below the videos that allows students to take notes on the material covered. This is an excellent way to learn by developing a deep understanding of the field by learning from the practical experiences of your peers. Completing LinkedIn learning courses and including certifications in your CV can draw attention to your skills and demonstrate your commitment to professional development.It's also important to note that LinkedIn Learning can be accessed for free with a one-month free trial. However, LinkedIn Learning certifications are not generally considered an alternative to industry standard certifications that are considered essential.

Ultimately, adding a new skill that is in-demand and relevant to the job you are applying for will increase your chances of being hired.

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