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Access to a safe water source affects approximately 1 in 10 of us. That's 663 million people without clean drinking water. JuaMaji's story began in 2015 in Kisumu, Kenya and now 2 years later the project has expanded into communities in Malawi, following our partnerships with new project partners. Our JuaMajis' use heat from the sun to purify dirty water whilst sustainably farming tilapia, providing both cleaner water and a staple food source to the communities we work in. 


SanEco aims to provide sanitary solutions across impoverished communities, to tackle fundamental global needs such as access to soap and vital menstrual education. Issues which affect 2.4 billion people. Our entrepreneurs are trained in the production of this SanEco product, as well as gaining vital menstrual health education to fight the social stigma and prevent young girls missing up to 25% of their education due to being on their periods.



Sole Support was conceptualised in March 2015 with the aim to tackle three main issues in Kenya: jigger infection; lack of affordable footwear; and accumulating stock piles of waste tyres. The project works to provide school children with affordable footwear that protects the foot from picking up the parasite and offers healthcare advice to help mitigate any subsequent damage to the foot.

The sole of the Sole Support shoe is made from tyres that would otherwise have been disposed of unlawfully having severe environmental ramifications. We train vulnerable individuals within Kenyan communities so that they are empowered to sell the Sole Support shoe, and tackle jigger infections in their communities.